Our Technology

is an easy to use transcatheter pulmonary valve for young children

Our Solution

We provide the only transcatheter pulmonary valve for children as young as 2 years old.

Patented biocompatible polymer tri-leaflet valve within a polymer-covered durable metal stent

Small incision, minimally invasive, non-surgical procedure

Designed to eliminate endocarditis complications caused by animal tissue valves

No immune system sensitization triggered by donor valves

Current Treatments

Allograft Donor Pulmonary Valves

All ages – from birth

  • Requires open heart surgery
  • Immune system sensitization
  • High risk of complications
  • Long hospital stays
  • Poor durability
  • Limited availability

Animal-Sourced Pulmonary Valves

Only available for teens and adults

  • Suitable for open heart surgery and minimally invasive procedures
  • Endocarditis, stent fractures, and valve degeneration are common
  • Expensive and difficult to manufacture

Platform Technology

  • Our stented polymer valve technology is readily scalable to larger sizes suitable for teens and adults that doubles the market opportunity to $180M in the US alone.
  • PolyVascular’s polymer valve technology can be expanded to pursue the aortic, mitral, and tricuspid valve markets at >$11B globally.

Heart Valves

  • Repeatable, scalable, reliable manufacturing process with established quality and inspection controls
  • ISO 13485 compliant Quality Management System
  • ISO class 7 clean room manufacturing space
  • Fully equipped R&D lab including durability testing capital equipment

Our Accelerated Path to Market

Healing our children