About Us

Mending Children’s Hearts

Since 2014, we have led the effort to improve children’s lives with polymeric transcatheter valves specifically designed for children. PolyVascular’s valves are easy to manufacture in pediatric and adult sizes, expand to accommodate growth of children, and reduce the need for repeat open-heart surgeries.

Our Mission

Our aim is to transform the care of children with congenital heart disease by developing an entirely new generation of valves made of medical grade polymer without any animal-derived tissue. Until now, commonly used valves are made from animal-derived tissue. Unfortunately, our immune system targets and destroys this tissue, sometimes rapidly, rendering the valve ineffective. Our approach will allow us to deliver these valves in a minimally invasive fashion and reduce the number of open-heart surgeries.

Problem to Solve

Children born with severe Congenital Heart Disease require open-heart surgery within their first few months of life

Surgical solutions fail rapidly as children outgrow them (often within several months)
Kids then require another open-heart surgery because there are no pediatric-sized non-surgical solutions

What We’ve Observed


  • Not available for young children
  • Bulky sizes only suitable for teens and adults
  • Expensive and difficult to manufacture from animal tissue


  • Easy to manufacture in pediatric and adult sizes
  • Expandable to accommodate growth of children
  • Reduce the need for open-heart surgeries

We saw a gap in the care of children with congenital heart disease and we are doing something about it.

— Henri Justino, CMO, Interventional Cardiologist

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